Their dreams are so possible, they only need you to make them come true!

You can support us in 4 different ways:

Cash Donations        Donations in Kind        Fundacion Leon Recognition        1 to 1 Projects

Cash Donations

1) Recurring donations

Help our cause by donating recurringly the amount of cash you choose. Each peso counts.

Download the recurring donations format by clicking here

2) Donations via one-time payment through

If you wish, you may help us by donating safely with a one-time payment through PayPal.

3) Donations via one-time payment through a bank deposit

If you would rather make your donation through a bank deposit, we have the following options:

A) Write a CHECK by the name of Fundación León A.C. to our bank account 94384250201 at Banco del Bajío
B) Make an ELECTRONIC TRANSFER to Banco del Bajío with this CLABE number: 030225900000699654

¡We hope for a better future, let's help build it!

Donations in Kind

Support us by donating articles, products and goods in decent conditions like:

  • Personal hygiene and cleaning products
  • Non-perishable and frozen goods
  • School supplies and teaching material
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Whites (sheets, blankets, bedspreads, towels)
  • Toys that do not carry batteries and in good condition
  • Medicine and dressing material
  • Household items such as: lamps, mirrors, vases, etc.
  • Reading books
  • Others

Nothing is too difficult if we do it together!

Fundacion Leon Recognition

This program is a graphic element that recognizes the company before its customers and suppliers for assuming voluntarily and publicly the compromise to support the community, promoting social and comprehensive development through Fundacion Leon as part of their culture and business strategy.

By earning the Fundacion Leon Recognition your company will receive:

  • Official proof of collaboration
  • License to use name and logo
  • Public and digital recognition through social networks used by Fundacion Leon
  • Activities report of Fundacion Leon
  • Receipt of donation which is tax deductible

Receiving help is wonderful, but giving it is extraordinary!

1 to 1 Projects

Be part of our projects as part of your social service as an intern or as pro bono support.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who want to promote social measures to improve the quality of life of those with more needs.

The will of a few can change the future of many!

You can also help our Orchestras!
There are 4 ways to do it:


  • Sponsor a child to pay for their musical education with $1,000 pesos each month.
  • Resources for daily transportation of students and teachers.
  • Vehicle transportation for students and instruments.
  • Life insurance and medical expenses for students.
  • Health services and medical treatments.
  • Psychological therapies.
  • Clothes and shoes. Daily uniform.
  • Support for food (dining room).
  • Involvement of institutions through social services.


  • Homework workshop for students to make progress on their tasks during the time of recess (furniture, computer equipment and printers, internet).
  • Acquisition of music books and sheet music.
  • Support for sports and recreational activities.


  • Scholarships for outstanding kids to perfect the use of their voices or instruments.
  • Exchange students.
  • Workshops and master classes taught by recognized national and international musicians.
  • Support to the Arts Council of Esperanza Azteca to make workshops for teacher training.
  • Get tickets for children to attend professional concerts and musical events.
  • Assistance to other cultural activities (theater and dance).
  • Management of musical scholarships abroad through embassies.


  • Promotion and diffusion of the orchestra (i.e. conferences, emails, brochures, videos, etc.)
  • Getting sponsorships for local concerts.
  • Donations for the creation of audit and music library (books, DVDs, etc.)
  • Extra musical instruments for the original formation of the orchestra (i.e. piano, xylophone, harp).
  • Fund for lathery payment and lottery.
  • Improvements in the equipment (chairs, blackboards, easels, etc.) and maintenance of the headquarters.
  • Management for presentations in local concerts (theaters, cultural events, festivals, fairs, etc.)

Would you like to help us change MANY LIVES?

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