What is Fundacion Leon?

Fundacion Leon is a philanthropic institution that contributes to the creation of a more equitable and participatory Leonese society, through the implementation of projects focused on promoting human and social development in sectors of the population with greater vulnerability.

We were founded in 1999 by the initiative of a group of businessmen in Leon, who, worried about the accelerated growth of the city, and conscious of the problems generating in the vulnerable groups, decided to promote a development proposition to these needs in Leon, Guanajuato.

Our primary function is to promote, support, coordinate, develop and operate projects for the benefit of the community. Offering tools for the people to accomplish personal and labor growth by means of workshops, work training, sports, culture and recreation. With the finality of offering a better life quality and social cohesion.

Our vision is to collaborate to create a more human and participative society that promotes the co-responsibility and citizenship to improve the quality of life of the people in Leon.

Who We Are

Each one of our activities aims to cover the different needs of the habitants of the community, giving those tools, knowledge, abilities and skills for improving their personal and social development through different courses and workshops.

Through the participation of the habitants can be observed the improvement of conducts, assertive communication and group formation, creating a community in search of a single goal, improve their quality of life.

With these we realize that our work in the community has a great impact and allows us to contribute and form responsible and committed citizens.

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Justice  •  Solidarity  •  Common Good  •  Dignity  •  Humanism


Contribute in the construction of a more just and solidary society
Provide the necessary tools for the personal and social development of the sectors of the population that are vulnerable
Connect the different sectors of society in order to achieve a strong and participative citizen network
Work as a channel to realize the desire of the Leonese people to participate philanthropically in favor of their community

Our Values